The Eastern Box Turtle R & R Program at Earthshine Mountain Lodge.

Turtle Doc Saya checks a turtles heart.

R & R stands for Rescue and Rehabilitation and Rest and Relaxation.

The mission of the Eastern Box Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Program is to care for wild Eastern Box turtles that have been injured or are recovering from ailments caused directly or indirectly by conflicts with humans and our domestic animals. After a turtle has recovered it will be released at its origin discovery location if at all possible. We also take in local turtles that can't be released back into their native habitat because their habitats have either been destroyed by construction and development or they are of unknown origins.

Care and Feeding

Our resident box turtles are cared for primarily by Steve who is a wildlife rehabilitator and several of Earthshine's staff members who have been trained by Steve. Any specialized care is administered by a local veterinarian who treats them for free because he loves helping wildlife.

We feed the turtles a great assortment of native wild foods such as worms, slugs, snails, wild berries, and mushrooms as well as fresh left-overs from the kitchen such as fruits, greens, scrambled eggs, and un-spiced lean meat.

Another great benefit of the box turtle R & R program is that it provides hands-on environmental education for the guests at Earthshine. Some of you may have been on Earthshine's nature hikes known as "critter hunts" in the past. We now often begin our hikes with an introduction to the box turtles and to reptiles in general. When the need arises, we have the guests assist with treatments of the turtles' injuries and the administering of medications.

Several new informative signs about the box turtle R & R program have been installed along the perimeter of the enclosure as part of Earthshine's new self-guided nature trail that begins at the turtle enclosure as seen in the photo below.

Currently at the Earthshine R & R Program we have nine resident turtles and two that are back in the wild (one is not listed here). Click each turtle's photo for its story.

Back in the wild!

In Memory of CHIP!

Check out this short video of the Earthshine R and R Rehab enclosure!

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Turtle Doc Saya giving a turtle an injection:-)

Come back often for updates on these turtles and others that may come to visit Earthshine R&R.