Ellie's adoptive guardians are EDY and MEG BYRUM!

In the summer of 2009 Celena was driving to work when she found a tiny juvenile box turtle crossing the road only about a mile from Earthshine. The turtle was heading for a yard populated by small children, dogs, cats and a big lawn mower. Celena picked up the turtle and brought it to Earthshine because she knew it would not live long in the area where she found it.

At Earthshine the tiny turtle was befriended by Edy and Meg Byrum who made it a habitat to live in, gave it food, water and the name Ellie. Once I saw the tiny turtle and heard it's story I quickly decided that we should give the turtle a head start and let it spend some time with us to grow to a size where at least the dogs and cats will not be as much of a threat. After the head start period Ellie will be released back near where Celena found her to fend for herself in the wild the way a wild turtle should live.