"Mojo" and "Rowdy"

Mojo and Rowdy are two rehabilitated adult male turtles that we adopted from another local rehab facility. Rowdy, on the right was injured by what may have been an automobile and it seems that Mojo may have been hit by a mower. That is Mojo below about to take a dip in the pond.

Both of these guys had major shell damage that required for them to be in an indoor enclosure for about a year until their shells healed. They have now been moved outside into our outdoor pen so they can enjoy the sunshine and some new friends.

UPDATE: Mojo has been relocated to the property of Earthshine and is being radio tracked as part of the Earthshine Turtle Tracks project--follow his progressHERE


Summer 2008

Rowdy is doing great and enjoying life in his new home. We do not see him very often because he is a very secretive turtle but every time I give him a health check up he is heavier, very healthy looking and very energetic.

Rowdy and Rose--WOO HOO--baby turtles soon!!

November 09, 2007

Rowdy has been partially buried in the soil under an old log for the last few days to escape the cold weather we have been having. Below is all that can be seen of him under the log so it is possible that he may have found the place he will spend the winter.

If you would like to "adopt" Mojo or Rowdy please email me for more information.