Rose adopted "guardians" are Aaron Weed and family and Coinsandpins.com!

Rose was donated to R & R by Austin. Austin is holding Rose in the photo of us below.

Austin found Rose on the road a few years ago after she had been hit by a car.

She recovered from he injuries but still has problems closing her shell due to a broken leg that has healed in a crooked position. Unfortunately, since Rose can no longer close her shell to avoid predators she will remain in captivity as a permanent resident at Earthshine R & R.

Rose and Chip bask in the October sun. It looks like Rose is trying to hide behind that blade of grass;-)

The white stuff on Chip's shell is an epoxy shell patch. Chip was hit by a car and his shell was badly broken. The patch will hold his shell pieces in place until it heals.


November 2010

Rose's injuries from the summer incident have almost healed completly. She has turned in for the winter and hopefully her winters slumber will be a much needed rest from the hardships of this past summer. See you in the spring Rose.

Late Summer 2010

Rose was attacked by an animal--possible a rodent. Whatever it was it bit her several times in the exposed area near her tail. The injuries became infected and I have had to flush them out with antiseptic for several days and apply lots of topical antibiotics as well as injectable antibiotics. She continues to eat very well and get around OK but I am worried about her.

Easter 2010

Rose is out of her winter torpor and on Easter Sunday! She slept a few weeks longer than she did last year but today it was raining a warm heavy rain and the earthworms were crawling all around and she looked elated as she scarfed them down--it was a grand site to behold!

April, 01 2009

Rose is out of hibernation! And on almost the exact same day as in 2008--wow--she must have an alarm clock in that tiny head of hers! It has been warm and rainy lately so I fed Rose a couple of big juicy earthworms I found nearby and she wasted no time in finishing them off. Rose was out again a few days later sitting in the sun so I fed her a piece of freshly cooked unspiced chicken. Photos soon.


January 2008

Rose is hibernating now and we will see her in the spring of 2009!


April 02, 2008

Rose is out of Hibernation!! Check out the video below of her first look at the world after her long nap.

Rose and Rowdy--WOO HOO--baby turtles soon!!


November 2007

Rose has found her hibernation site for the winter and spends the cold days and nights buried beep under a thick bush. On the warmer, sunny days she can often be seen just outside her hole basking in the mid afternoon sun. Take a look at her dirty face...isn't she so cute!

Just look at that dirty face!