A friend of our maintenance man Gene found Scar in his back yard during the spring of 2009. He was afraid that he might mow over him so he brought him to us at Earthshine. Scar is an older adult Black Ratsnake and is approximately 6.5 feet in length. He gets his name from the large scar (see video above) on the side of his body near his head and several other smaller scars all over his body. Since ratsnakes are constrictors they must to grab their food in their teeth and then quickly wrap coils of their body around it to kill it. It is not unusual to find constrictors--especially once they are older--with one or more scars on their body because they are often attacked by their prey. One they begin to age and their reflexes slow down and/or arthritis sets in they are more susceptible to bites from their prey as they try to subdue it. Scar was probably attacked by a large rat, squirrel or rabbit as he tried to have a feed.Whatever it was that grabbed him we will never know but it is good to know that his injuries have healed nicely and pose no threat to his health. Scar is also very tame and does not seem to mind being handled. It is possible that he was someone's pet at some point in the past. Since Scar is an older snake and very nice we have decided to let him live out the remainder of his days with us at the Earthshine Nature Center.

Remember when you visit Earthshine to ask about how you can meet Scar and his friends:-) Check out this video of Scar!